Sunday, June 13, 2010

Amazing Slinky Photo !

This past school year was aMaZiNg ! I took a photography class and got to experience a lot of cool things. I did black and white in the Dark Room, digital manipulating, and video. During my digital manipulating session i took this very photo. When I took this photo is was just a last minute shot just to fill the camera up before the bell. When I pulled it up on the computer and messed with it on photoshop I amazed myself with what I had taken! Holding my head high and not caring what other people thought about my picture I showed it to my teacher and he said he really liked it and to call it, "The Amazing Slinky Photo." Taking this photo really boosted my confidence in taking photos, because I knew what I could acomplish. :)


  1. Cool photo indeedy!!! I like the blog update, too! Thanks for being my model today! I played with a few photos already and I'll email them to you!

  2. You're obsviously a very good photographer! And thanks for following my blog, I hope we get to know each other a little bit!!

  3. Mona : Thanks for the comment! and no, thank you for letting me come with you :)

    Electra : oh,thank you so very much! this is one of my favorite images. :) you're welcome I love your blog, indeed.

    have a blessed day guys.