Monday, June 14, 2010

An Artist's Colors

Every time I look at this photo I'm just like,"its kinda odd but cool at the same time, ha ha." I was in my mom's studio one day and I just got this creative impulse and I felt like i need to take a picture and mess on photoshop. So I got a camera and started looking around for something to take a picture of and I found an ink bottle, a tape measure, a flower holder that you put in the bottom of a vase, and some colored pencils. I immediately knew what i wanted to do the picture and I could see the picture in my mind but the challenge was, taking the picture. I just started putting the objects in different positions and finally found one that was let me just say, amazing!


  1. I like the spontaneous creativity. Keep it up.

  2. AMAZING is the perfect word. it really is. wonderful work!!

  3. Harriet : thank you !I love Being SPONTANEOUS :) tee hee.

    Electra : gracias! that makes me feel so good!